How to Write Effective Articles for Ezinearticles

As a web writer and online marketer, one of the things required by my clients is to write and submit highly optimized articles to

What is Ezinearticles?

It is important for aspiring web writers and marketers to get to know what Ezinearticles is because you can count on your clients to ask you to do this for them. You will definitely not want to wait until your client asks you about it before you familiarize yourself with it. By this time, there will already be a lot of more experienced people in article marketing, and you don’t want to be left behind, eating their dust. is one of the best–if not the best–article submission sites out there. Anyone who wants to get their site ranked really well on Google needs to include Ezine submissions to their marketing plans. I noticed that this helped most of my clients a lot in getting traffic and ranking in the first page of Google’s SERPs. So there’s no doubt in my mind that if I wanted to start my own internet marketing campaigns, Ezine submissions have to be a priority.

How do you write content for Ezinearticles?

Quality matters a lot for Ezines. It is very strict with quality and duplicate content. If your article is already posted on another site, then it will not publish it. The same thing goes with low-quality articles. Ezinearticles can detect works that have grammar mistakes and misspellings, so make sure that you proof-read your work carefully.

One thing I learned from years of writing is that, first, you need to be conversational in your writing. Write as if you are talking to a friend. When you write for the web, it’s better to keep aspirations of winning a Pulitzer away because it’s not going to help you. The only thing you have to think about when writing is your audience.

Always remember that people surf the net because they are looking for something. They want to find answers to their questions; solutions to their daily dilemmas. It’s your job to enlighten them. To write effective articles, you have to give what your audience wants.

Ask this question: what is my audience looking for? Once you know what that is, then writing the article will come very easily. Then the next step is to write a catchy headline; one that will grab hold of your reader by the collar and force them to read the rest of the articles. You can learn how to come up with headlines that work here.

Once you’ve managed to make readers get past the headline and start reading your first paragraph, your next job is to ensure that they read the next paragraphs. How do you do that? Give them valuable information. Be straight-to-the-point and list down all the answers to your readers’ problems. Use bullets to list down all pertinent information clearly. Readers will appreciate this because they want to get to the answers right away.

Don’t forget to use a friendly tone. Write as if you’re talking to a friend. While it’s nice to read something an expert author wrote, a too formal tone and the use of technical jargons can intimidate readers. Even though you are very well-versed in the topic you are writing about, do your best to avoid using technical terms and sounding like a college professor. Be the straight-A student that knows how to teach his classmates how to solve the difficult algebra assignment.

Now that you’ve a great-looking article, it’s time to close effectively and convince your readers to visit your site. Compose a really good resource box. An effective resource box would make your readers really interested in what you’re offering. Your call-to-action should persuade them to click on your link. Take time in composing your resource box. Find your voice. It will help you a lot.


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